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Low-thickness porcelain stoneware for cabinet doors, a striking solution

Low-thickness porcelain stoneware is made from a ceramic paste cooked at 1150 / 1250 C° and then cooled to room temperature (vitrification). 
It is often used in modern environments for a contemporary look that is rather urban and industrial, but it can also be used to create more traditional, rustic atmospheres, country and ecological.
This striking solution can be applied to Scenery and LiberaMente kitchen models.
Why choosing porcelain stoneware in the kitchen?
Because stoneware is so strong: it's a material resistant to cuts, abrasions, water and temperature changes, it will not deform and it guarantees an exceptionally long life for surfaces.
Because it's widely used for flooring and washable work surfaces. This is why it is particularly well suited for use in the kitchen.
Because it's perfect for unprecedented combinations, playing on colours and workings. It offers sensations that reward touch and sight, thanks to the variations of robustness and lightness, continuity and intervals. It's a material that, in addition to its beauty, offers the wealth of possibilities for matching worktops and doors.
Gres adds value and, when combined with wooden stains, interprets timeless, versatile elegance.
LiberaMente, style without limits
"Open space" stoneware facing illuminates and underlines technological elements in glass and aluminium and ensures effective contrasts with the Vintage Oak finish. This detailed view of the bottom-hinged door shows off the edge-to-edge stoneware facing, which is recommended for those that prefer a persistent “affinity” between surfaces.
Symmetry and precision, these are the most evident geometrical aspects of this spacious composition that welcomes and surrounds you with its pleasant elements and essential accessories.

A minimalist combination of geometry, functionality and compositional freedom. “Family size” design that thinks ahead, expanding the possibilities of the space and interpreting it in a personal way.
Scenery, an open concept of the kitchen
Gres expands the perception of volumes of the wall cladding: from the extensive worktop for the processing, cooking and washing area, it moves in a balanced, elegant fashion to the wall units, the formal order of the design, guaranteed by a perfect alternation of dark and light and rectangular and square forms. The “unexpected” inclusion of the oak breakfast bar is a pleasant intrusion.
This composition shows how the stoneware can be fitted onto a door supported and surrounded by a light frame that gives the panels an interesting graphic effect.
Scenery is a stage for everyday beauty and characterises the kitchen area with its sophisticated and innovative air.
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