The Curvy Kitchen


Rounded elements for the latest kitchens

The latest design trends see a return to geometric forms recalling the sinuous designs of the 1950s.
The "curvy" kitchen is rounded, favouring soft layouts and elements inspired by circles and ovals.

The circle is an element with a great many interpretations,

It recalls an embrace, suggesting the idea of perfection.

Why a circle?
It recalls an embrace, suggesting the idea of perfection: the circle is an element with a great many interpretations.
For married couples, it can evoke the eternity of a promise, for tribes, it is a time for sharing, for philosophy, it is absolute harmony.
In the kitchen, curves therefore re-evoke all these concepts, and their co-presence in our day-to-day lives makes this environment a place filled with meaning.
Islands and tables

Tables and islands are the elements par excellence of a kitchen created and designed in circular forms.
The choice of this design underlines in this case the spirit of sharing and union, precisely of the two units, created to welcome the whole family (for a table), and to cook in company (in the case of the island).

Sinks, hobs and hoods
And the othher elements in the environment take on softer lines to guarantee a pretty look combined with significant space saving.
In Tribe everything is round, recalling the concept of the circle that ancient tribes formed around the fire.
The sink is curved, making it very easy to clean, and so are the hob and even the suspended hood.
In particular, the choice for this form for the hob and sink is a real innovation featuring compact sizes and therefore making it perfect for smaller kitchens too.
Units and doors
Even the squared-off profiles of the units give way to an enveloping aesthetic created from soft lines and rounded edges.
The peninsular top in the picture to the left features curved ends.
This not only gives the idea of a circle, but also allows for the combination of a curved unit under the top, giving a sophisticated personality to the ambiance.
Practicality and beautiful visual perfection for the unit to the right too, which opens up and within shows an equipped compartment that can also be used as a mini bar.
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