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MaterialSelection_I: spotlight on materials

Colores y materiales

A vertical wood grain effect and a mortar effect

Season Oak, Along Oak, Bright Oak, Fade Oak, Actual Oak, Voyage Oak, Azimut, Vertigo.
We introduce you eight new 22mm thick decorative melamines for doors, six of which with wood grain effect and two with a mortar effect, to finish the models of the Mood and LiberaMente lines with personality...

Decorative melamines with a vertical wood grain effect and with a mortar effect.
Quality of the materials and design
Mood with a decorative melamine in Actual Oak door to create a composition with the right lines for an open space.
Interesting details for this new brand composition:
- the new steel-finish handle positioned at the head of the door
- the new wall unit (H. 36.5 x L. 180 cm) in decorative melamine Seagull Grey, containing and concealing the hood
- the juxtaposition of worktops of different thicknesses, which highlights the variety of materials applied to the kitchen: from laminate in the working areas to porcelain stoneware on the breakfast bench. The front handle is perfectly flush with the worktop
When materials enhance simple shapes
Carefully chosen materials and colour combinations add great personality to the kitchen: Fade Oak decorative melamine base units and tall units, Vertigo decorative melamine in the central island and wall units, coordinated with Vertigo mortar-effect laminate worktops and wall cladding and, lastly, a London Grey Fenix NTM worktop and wall cladding in the washing area.

An interesting detail of this composition is the linear handle with a round shape (variable span, steel with satin finish) for base units and tall units.
A cosy atmosphere in the living area
The “Fluida” wall system extends into the kitchen (back panel with colour matching the Season Oak decorative melamine door), following today’s home furnishing trends in which all the functions of the living area are brought together in a single space.
A high impact trait d’union is the table-height bench with its own Sloper support with an Aluminium Grey finish and Road porcelain stoneware worktop.
A harmonious choice of materials for kitchen and living area
Separate and juxtapose spaces thanks to a dramatic ability to open onto the adjacent area: this is the function of the “Fluida” Wall System in Seagull Grey decorative melamine that adds value to the kitchen thanks to modular height and width; the “Fluida” Wall System can be mounted against a wall, in the centre of the room or as a free passageway, as high as the ceiling.
LiberaMente is proposed without wall units to make the most of the storage capacity of  base units and baskets, with 22 mm thick doors made of Along Oak decorative melamine.
The most advanced open space furnishing solutions
Severe minimal lines come togheter with warm materials: Genziana Yellow decorative melamine open-fronted units, Flint Grey decorative melamine in the cooking and washing areas and Bright Oak decorative melamine in the working area where the tall units are located. The result is a refined youthful style that embraces comfort and design.
Focus on: the different thicknesses of the worktops (6 cm for the Botticino Cream Okite breakfast bench and 3 cm for the Metallic Touch laminate worktop) and the new open-fronted tall unit that effectively contains and displays. 
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