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A myriad bookcases


Modular and multi-functional bookcases, in addition to storing books, define spaces and create new configurations. Here’s how their role within the home has changed.

The modular bookcase is the item of furniture which - par excellence - tells the story and the life of the home’s inhabitants through the books, photographs and objects it contains.
Once upon a time, it was relegated to a closed and private room within the home (the study or library), but now it has become versatile and suits all sorts of setting, from the living room to the kitchen, lending itself to the creation of endless solutions.

Bookcases constitute a “system” capable of integrating the typical functions of a bookcase with those of a cabinet that hosts a television or contains other objects which encourage the trend to merge the living room with the kitchen. They are the ideal solution for young couples or for those needing to combine both functions in the one room. 


Modular bookcase system - Scavolini
Bookcases & Co

Multi-functional bookcases can if necessary be placed beside other items of furniture, to retain the same style.
In this version of the LiberaMente model, the doors of the “Fluida” Wall System are in Concrete Jersey decorative melamine, just like the kitchen, and they slide along tracks, to create ever-new, attractive configurations


Modern modular bookcase - Scavolini

Another interesting configuration of the available space is this solution with the “Fluida” Wall System inserted within the Sax kitchen composition in Seagull Grey decorative melamine finish, an item of furniture which can be used as a bookcase, a larder or a partition between adjoining rooms.


Modular bookcase - Scavolini
To define settings

Solutions with a strong visual impact that are also functional: bookcases in open-plan settings help place a boundary between the space in the living area, to create cosy corners too. They can therefore become the natural extension of storage cabinets to separate the various areas of the home as in this solution of the Carattere model in Slate Black matt lacquered finish, combined with the “Fluida” Wall System in Iron Grey decorative melamine.

A wide variety of finishes, sizes, shapes and composition solutions to suit the personality of any home.



Modular bookcase - Scavolini
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