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Furnishing with shelves and storage shelves


Furnishing solutions that contribute towards creating welcoming and comfortable settings, with a keen eye on design, always.

Shelves and storage shelves, the most dynamic furnishing elements yet! They can be introduced into the most diverse settings and locations, contributing towards optimising space and completing the style of the room. Let’s discover their sophisticated styling, functionality and practicality together.


Industrial, two-tone style

A setting designed by open-fronted structures, an industrial style that lends a refreshing lightness to the project: this is the distinguishing feature of Sax, an interesting alternative to traditional kitchen modularity. The feisty and functional “Metro” Wall System in Anthracite coloured aluminium is combined with shelves in Concrete Jersey decorative melamine, a detail that replicates the leitmotiv of chiaroscuro effects of the entire furnishing composition.


Games of light and shadows

Shelves and storage shelves can be valid supports to create charming lights. In this configuration of LiberaMente the “Fluida” Wall System builds the living room: sliding fronts in Delhi Clay Biomalta and Coffee Oak veneered wall panels with lighting under the shelves to create interesting games of lights and shadows.

Also in this minimal composition with base units in elegant Moon Blue lacquered finish, embellished by the matt glass top in the same colour, the shelves in White metal offer a touch of sophisticated and elemental brightness.

Shelves, style allies

Open-fronted elements together with stylish shelves are further tools to add movement to the overall design, multiplying the storage possibilities and transforming any space available into an ally of beauty and comfort.  With a strong visual impact, the system of wall-mounted steel tie rods, which are anchored to the ceiling.

The value of details

The shelves in this configuration of DeLinea embellish the project thanks to the simple shapes and technology: made in slim steel available in brass, steel and bronze colours, they can be combined with wires that boost the beautiful styling effect of the elements. When the value of the details and shapes revolutionises the very concept of the kitchen.


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