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Using water in the kitchen: how to save

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Some practical suggestions for limiting water consumption in the kitchen

The arrival of summer enhances the need for protecting and preserving one of the most precious natural resources in the world: water.

Recycle, recycle and recycle

After washing fruit and vegetables, use the same water for watering the plants in your garden.

Below are a few basic rules – that should turn into good habits – to help you save water in the kitchen:

1) check the seals of taps: dripping water and leakages are among the major causes of water wastage.
Frequently check the seals and apply a jet breaker to the tap capable of limiting the water flow;

2) open the tap only when necessary: this seems pretty obvious, but it is not.
Think before opening the tap and avoid leaving it open for no reason.
Wash fruit and vegetables by keeping them immersed in a container so as to avoid washing them under running water;

3) use the dishwasher when fully loaded: make sure that it is quite full before running a wash cycle.
With the frenetic pace characterising our contemporary lifestyle, it is not always necessary to use the dishwasher every day;

4) wash dishes in a bowl: if you don’t use the dishwasher, hand-wash dishes by putting them in a bowl or plug the washbasin.
Grease off the plates inside the bowl filled with water and soap and open the tap to rinse them;

5) recycle, recycle and recycle: after washing fruit and vegetables, use the same water for watering the plants in your garden.Water used for cooking pasta is very useful for washing the dishes. Did you know that the starch residue from pasta cooking makes an excellent degreaser? Take advantage!

These few simple rules will only take up a few seconds of your time but will eventually will help you to save a significant amount of water in your kitchen.

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